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Shea Mositure’s Intensive Hydration Products – Review

Monday, December 1st, 2014

I was surprised when I saw a line in the Shea Moisture collection I had never seen before. This collection caught my attention because it is their Intensive Hydration line and I am always excited about hydration because of the climate I live in.

So one day while at Target I purchased the Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Masque.

After having my box braids in for about 6 or 7 weeks my hair needed to be washed and especially conditioned and I couldn’t wait to use the line.

I wasn’t expecting my hair to not like this particular line in the Shea Moisture collection. The main thing my hair loves is to be conditioned and that did not really happen.

The shampoo did cleanse my hair but it felt hard afterwards. The conditioner did not make my hair feel moisturized. It felt a little brittle. After applying the hair masque and leaving it on for a couple of hours with a plastic cap, once rinsed out, I then felt the soft conditioned texture I normally get when using Shea Moisture products.

I still like Shea Moisture hair care products but I will just stick with my favorite - the Jamaican Black Castor Oil line.


The Natural Look Using Shea Moisture

Monday, October 20th, 2014

So I order a few more items from Shea Moisture’s make-up line on My goal was to achieve a natural look and I think I found it with the products I purchased.

Check out the pictures below.


I applied the primer pre-base for a long-lasting makeup application. The primer may look white and thick but it easily blended into my skin smoothly. I wanted to try this product because it’s formulated for oily, sensitive and acne-prone skin, all of which I have.



Wearing only primer.


The CC Cream, a base foundation, has SPF 15.  When you live in an area where the sun is more intense like I do, you can never wear too much protection. This matte finish product was designed to neutralize imperfections with built-in color correcting creams. I selected CC Cream in Medium and I like it a lot.


The CC Cream hid some imperfections I have but not my dark circles. I had to add concealer in Tropea Almond for that.


The press powder I selected is the same color as the sheer foundation I purchased before – Madidi Mocha.


Wearing the press powder in Madidi Mocha.


I really like the illuminating powder in Cinnamon Ceylon.


The compact has a flip-up part the provides a mirror and brush. It’s very nice and easy to put in your make-up bag.


Wearing the illuminating powder.

By the way, did any one notice that my protective style for the fall are box braids? For me what else would it be?


All done. Make-up that provides a natural look with natural ingredients for women of color. I love it.

This is what 48 looks like!

Now I’m going to have Sunday brunch with my mom at the country club.


At the country club.


The country club’s grounds. Golf is very popular.

Make-Up by Shea Moisture

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

For many years different creams designed to fade, and some totally eliminate, dark circles around the eyes were applied to my face. In the end not one product delivered its promised results. Not one! So that’s when I decided if I truly want to rid myself of the dark circles I inherited from my mom I would have cosmetic surgery to do so.

But until that BIG DAY I still need to apply coverage. When I was a few years younger concealers worked however at age 48 a concealer alone is not enough. I thought about adding a color corrector to my make-up regimen but the natural brands I used did not offer colors that matched my skin tone.

Now that Shea Moisture provides natural make-up for women of color I ordered a few products and was excited to try them. I went to and selected colors I hoped was suitable for my complexion. I was very nervous about purchasing make up this way but I took a chance and bought the following:

  • Color correcting concealer in Medium Dark
  • Cream concealer in Tropea Almond
  • Sheer foundation in Madidi Mocha
  • Lip gloss in Lea


Me with no make up.


The color correcting concealer instructions suggest to start by finding the medium tone that’s closest to your natural skin tone. Then mix in the lighter and darker tones until you create your match.


The match I created.


Concealer in Tropea Almond.



At first sight I was unsure about the color.


But once blended in it seemed to match.


Sheer foundation in Madidi Mocha.


I was unsure about all of the colors.


Everything blended in.


The color corrector, concealer and foundation blended nicely. I was surprised! This is the best coverage I have had for my circles in a long time. I applied extra concealer before I left the house and later during the day.

The make-up is a bit oily and I have oily skin so it doesn’t last all day not even a half a day. I must add concealer to keep my dark circles covered and blot during the day.

In the winter when everything is extra dry in New Mexico this make-up may be more beneficial and lasting. The lip gloss is Lea.

Overall, I like the products I purchased and will continue to wear them.

Shea Moisture’s Jamaican Black Castor Oil – Review

Friday, August 29th, 2014

I ordered every item Shea Moisture offered in their Jamaican Black Castor Oil line. My hair likes castor oil so I couldn’t wait to use it, and now, I am excited about sharing my experience.


The shampoo is clarifying. The summary says it is gentle enough to use every day, and based on my results, I believe it. the product smelled like sweet warm vanilla that sort of reminded me of freshly baked goods from my childhood. My hair carried a weeks worth of heavy product build-up and I couldn’t wait to get rid off it.


I used two medium sized dollops to get a lather during the first wash and the same amount one time for the second shampoo. During and after the wash my hair felt clean, soft and moist. I was very pleased with the moisture experience especially since this is a clarifying product. After shampooing I was able to easily part and detangle my hair.



The Treatment Masque offered more sweetness. The Hubs said it smelled like vanilla pudding or newly baked donuts. To make sure this product saturated my hair I made 11 sections and put a generous sized dollop on each piece. Once the Treatment Masque was on I felt a slight warm penetration that was soothing.



I placed a plastic cap on my hair and then a heating cap. I left the heating cap on for 45 minutes. My hair was super soft and moist. After rinsing my little afro appeared to be a little stretched. I loved it.


I went to sleep and woke up the next morning with completely dry hair. My hair still possessed that sweetness. It was wonderful. My curls were dry but still had moisture. So to enhance the texture with moisture and shine, I added the hair serum to my scalp and blended it onto my hair. Use just enough or not enough. This product will run down your face. I had shine, softness, moisture and sweetness. It was great!





The leave-in conditioner’s texture is rich. The styling lotion is thick and creamy. I added both products to each two-strand twist I made.

My hair was bone dry so detangling was necessary and made simple with the use of the two products.



I made Bantu Knots from each twist and let my hair dry naturally.



The Edge Treatment is similar to thick jelly. It provides moisture and prevents flyaway strands. In addition, if you like to smooth your edges down this will be perfect. For me it is beneficial because it’s thick and moist and can stand on its own in New Mexico’s dry climate.


My Bantu knot-out was more like a curly afro. My curls were tight and moist and I really liked the results. The photo above is day 1. When I went to sleep that night I tied a silk scarf around my hair and fell out. I did not even try to sleep pretty.


The next morning on day 2 I still had well defined curls. No products were added – not even water.


My curly afro lasted all week. I didn’t have to re-twist my hair not one night. A little styling lotion and serum was added on day 4 to maintain shine and moisture.

Out of 1 to 5 curls Shea Moisture’s Jamaican Black Castor Oil collection gets 5 curls hands down. I just love this stuff!

Shea Moisture’s Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Friday, August 22nd, 2014

I received my order of Jamaican Black Castor Oil by Shea Moisture. I ordered all six items in the line and am more than excited about them!

These products, in particular, interest me because my hair likes castor oil. Plus this line promises to strengthen, grow and restore and those are three things I am always trying to do, so I figured, why not give it a try.

I will write a post reviewing each product and how my hair responds.

I am super antsy and the package smelled really good.



Pure Shea Butter Bar Soap by Out Of Africa

Monday, May 26th, 2014

I received one box of Pure Shea Butter soap by Out Of Africa to review. This soap quotes as being “A revelation in hydration for all skin types.” With just that I became interested. Living in the desert has dried me out so I am always looking for the next best thing in moisturizers.


The African Black bar is 100% pure and unrefined shea butter. I liked that. The ingredients were understandable and I liked that too.


I was pleased that the soap provided a nice lather. I am aware that lather should not matter but I do like it in my cleansing products as long as all ingredients are natural.

After bathing with the soap while under running water my skin was squeaky clean. Once dry I needed to moisturize right away but that is not unusual for me. The test was to see if I required to lotion-up two or three times throughout the day, like I normally do. However, to my pleasant surprise, I did not.


For more information about Out Of Africa, and to obtain a bar of soap, visit their website at

Your purchase of this product will contribute five cents to provide medical care and education to children in West Africa!

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

Monday, December 2nd, 2013

I have used Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay for years as a facial to deep clean my oily skin. I also knew the beauty clay could be used on hair as a deep conditioner, similar to a henna, but I never applied the product to my curls until now.


Mixed with apple cider vinegar I made enough clay to put on my face as well as my hair.


There was absolutely no measuring when making the clay. The products were added, blended and stirred with a wooden spoon until I reached a consistency I liked and had enough for my use.


On clean towel dried hair I added the health and beauty clay.


I really didn’t demonstrate a particular method when applying the clay. I just put it on starting from the back to the front. I kept it on my hair for one hour. Then I put the clay on my face and kept that on until it dried.



I have on a towel. You just can't see it.

I have on a towel. You just can’t see it.

The Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay left my hair feeling super soft, deeply conditioned and very moist. I loved it. I didn’t think the clay would be easy to wash out but it was. My curls were longer too, just after washing, and I thought that was kind of cool.




Overall I was pleased with the results. I would like to use Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay at least once a month – but I know me – it will probably happen once every other other month.

Shea Radiance: Thermal Protection Smoothie Review

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

I have been meaning to write a review about a heat protector by Shea Radiance called Thermal Protection Smoothie with Shea Butter for a while. So since I just washed my hair I decided to review the product I received to share my personal experience.


My hair after being washed and conditioned.

I like to style my hair just like this but the dry climate in New Mexico won’t allow me to wear an Afro often. I have to keep it in a protective style.


The Thermal Protection Smoothie was made for kinky, curly and wavy hair. It is designed to protect and shield hair from heat damage while eliminating breakage and frizz, and at the same time, strengthens and restores the texture.


I sprayed the product on my hair then blew it dry. Afterwards I sectioned my hair and lightly ran a flat iron through pieces I made from each section.


The product proudly boast – no mineral oils, petroleum oil, parabens or sulfates.


The best part about the ingredients to me is – Vegan!


HA! My hair looks a little like Tine Turner’s back in the day! :)

You can’t see it in this photo but my hair did have shine after using the Thermal Protection Smoothie. 

I didn’t make my curls bone straight because I wasn’t going for that look. I just wanted to pull it out a little and figure out the next step later.

Thermal Protection Smoothie didn’t leave a dull residue on my hair and there were little strands in the comb – if any.

So on a scale of 1 to 5 curls I give this product 4 curls.