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Prima Donna

Monday, July 30th, 2018

Okay. Wow. I truly love The Lip Bar lipsticks. Vegan lip color made with the right amount of pigmentation for all skin tones.


In the photos I am wearing a liquid matte called Prima Donna. I searched for the right matte purple in a natural brand for a long time. I became frustrated. Colors were too light and glossy. I almost gave up but then read about The Lip Bar and discovered their line of wonderful vegan tones.


I wore Prima Donna all day and was shocked that the color, especially in New Mexico’s dry climate, didn’t dry out or crack. I didn’t have to retouch my lipstick. I wasn’t used to that. I was relieved.


I will definitely purchase more…


Autumn – Vegan Cuts Beauty Box

Sunday, October 1st, 2017

My second favorite season has arrived and I recently received the Autumn collection of Vegan Cuts Beauty Box.

My Summer collection got lost in the mail and I just got that too but didn’t bother to spotlight it because Fall was so near.

As always the seasonal choices are perfect. Vegan Cuts Beauty Box did it again. I am excited about every item in the box.


The Autumn collection looks fantastic!



This is not only an eyebrow pencil it doubles as a soft and smoky eyeliner. $24



Vegan Cuts gave the option for subscribers to select appropriate lipstick colors for their skin tone. From the choices offered I selected the color Currant. This is a cocoa butter matte lipstick pigmented with intensely rich fruit colors. $29



A midnight black mascara that’s water resistant and formulated to resist flaking, clumping and smudging. I can’t wait to use it.



I don’t know much about contouring but I will learn using this kit because simple step-by-step instructions were included!



Cherry Kisses is a hydrating lipstick wipe with vitamin E and coconut oil. Perfect for lipstick changes without leaving some of the other lip color behind.

Filled with fun and healthy make-up for only $39!

Winter Wonderland – Vegan Cuts Make Up Box

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017

I waited for the winter Vegan Cuts Make-Up Box to arrive with great anticipation. I sort of held off on buying make up because I didn’t want to purchase something that might be in the new collection.

I thought about this make up box a lot before I received it. I planned to write a post ASAP upon its arrival but it arrived too close to Christmas and I just got too busy.

However, as usual, Vegan Cuts Make-Up Box did not disappoint. I adore the items in the winter wonderland collection and below is a briefing on each item.

Juice Beauty phyto-pigments cream shadow stick. Y’all know I love Juice Beauty. This cream shadow can be used as a stand alone shadow or eyeliner. $22

Ofra Cosmetics Rainbow Lips Ritz Gloss. The product is an entire wheel of five lips colors that contains six beautiful shades to suit all skin tones. $24

Thrive Causemetics Triple Color Stick in Olivia. You can apply this intense color directly to your cheeks and lips. I used it on my cheeks. For my skin tone it works best as a highlighter. The stick is infused with age-defying vitamin C and evening primrose oil to brighten and hydrate skin. Comes with a built in brush. $36

PHB Ethical Beauty Organic Eyeliner. I never experienced an eyeliner that went on smooth, fast and easy. $9.95





Thursday, December 10th, 2015

Look at my sassy new nail file I purchased at Sally’s for 99 cents.


How To Achieve Healthy Skin

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015

Healthy eating, drinking lots of water, exercising regularly, sleeping seven to eight hours nightly, a skin care regiment and taking vitamins and supplements equals beautiful skin. When these steps are incorporated into your lifestyle at an early age the long term affect will be gorgeous skin no matter what your skin looked like when you were a teen. I know. I am living proof. However, if you want to improve your skin now, it is not too late to start.


I started breaking out when I was 12-years-old. At 13 I realized my acne can be controlled, not cured, but controlled with a regular skin care routine. From then, until today, I have a daily method of caring for my skin. I changed things up a lot because my skin wouldn’t let me maintain one process but what stayed the same was a regiment. I had oily skin with pimples, white heads and black heads on my face, chest, back and shoulders! As an insecure teen I used to try to be confident but that was shot to pieces when strangers approached me and said, “You have really beautiful skin. All you need to do to clear up things is…” I know they were trying to be helpful but at the time all I noticed was that they saw my acne and I was trying so hard to act like it wasn’t there. I thought it must look really bad for a stranger to say something to me. And guess what? It did!

As an adult I realized one of the first steps of a healthy skin care routine is wearing less make-up. You want to obtain clear skin so you won’t have to need make-up. So not using make-up will help you get clear skin.


As a teen and young adult I would apply make-up over my unhealthy skin. I wasn’t fooling anyone. In fact I looked worse with a layer of foundation smeared across the bumps, dry and oily patches, and scars that the make-up couldn’t cover.

If you are experiencing something like this now do yourself a favor and ditch the make-up. When you are able to start wearing it again opt to wear less and use brands that are less toxic. It’s important to understand that your lifestyle, including your cosmetics, all affect the health of your skin. Stop using brands that possess harsh chemicals and switch to organic and cleaner cosmetics to get healthy overall.


When you have healthy, clear skin, your need or want for make-up vanishes. These days I don’t wear make-up every day like I used to. When I have a personal or professional meeting I apply a natural look that doesn’t include a lot of make-up. This is the benefit of healthy skin and this is the benefit I want you to have. It is important to be confident in your own skin than to hide behind a mask of make-up.

My favorite organic, vegan, and/or natural cosmetic and skin care lines are:

  • Shea Moisture
  • Tart
  • Juice Beauty
  • Dr. Hauschka
  • ZuZu Luxe
  • Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC)
  • Gabriel Cosmetics, Inc.

Dr. Hauschka Cosmetics

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

One day, to enhance my personal makeup collection, I went to Whole Foods to purchase a few items from my favorite vegan line. As I swatched my selected brand on the back of my hand I noticed a sales representative from Dr. Hauschka Cosmetics. I am familiar with the brand but always felt that the company did not make products suitable for my brown skin. So, because of that, it had been years since I paid any attention to the line. But given that I was standing right next to a rep I had to share my experience. The conversation went something like this…

PTN: So, you are a sales rep for Dr. Hauschka?

DH:      Yes I am.

PTN: You  know your company doesn’t produce makeup I can wear.

DH:      We do have colors you can wear.

PTN: I don’t think so. Especially in a foundation.

DH:      My colleague is African American and she wears this brand.

PTN: What’s her complexion?

DH:      Like yours’. Actually she’s from Haiti. As a foundation or tinted moisturizer you can use our Translucent Make-up 04. That’s their darkest color.

PTN: Let me try some on my hand. It didn’t look right. This doesn’t match.

DH:       That’s your hand. Your color is different on your face.

PTN: Mmmm. I don’t know. Maybe I need to come in wearing no makeup and give it a try.

DH:       I can give you some of our makeup to try. See if you like it. I’ll put together a nice package for you and we can meet back here so I can give it to you.

PTN: Really?! Sure I would love that. I’m no fool. I am not going to pass up free organic makeup no matter what. Okay let’s meet soon.

About Dr. Hauschka Cosmetics

Based in Germany - Dr. Hauschka manufactures a complete line of natural organic makeup that is BDIH certified. The products are frequent award winners and have received Best Natural Make-Up Range at the Natural Beauty Awards in 2006 and Elle’s Green Star for Best Mascara in 2008. In addition, Bio-Fach alone (the world’s largest natural products trade show, whose awards are considered the most prestigious in the natural industry) has spotlighted Dr. Hauschka’s cosmetics on more than one occasion.

Below are the gifted products and their results on me.

  • Volume Mascara in Perl Anthracite This color looks black. However, there is a color Black mascara available.

  • Make-up Palette in Cool Breeze - Eyeshadows: Apricot, Brown, Aqua. Kajal Eyeliner: Aqua. Lip Colors:Rosé and Red. I was gifted this palette because of the blue shadow and eyeliner. I was looking for blues in another brand so Kimberlee, the sales rep (, wanted me to try their blues and I love them.
  • Rouge Powder 02
  • Kajal Eyeliner 02 in Elegante

  • Stone Colours Collection Lip Colour in Brown 04.

No make-up

I have a bit of a red eye.

In the photos I am wearing:

  • Translucent Make-Up 04
  • Eye shadows in Smoky Violet, Brown and Apricot.
  • Eyeliner: Aqua and the shadow under the waterline is also Aqua
  • Checks are contoured with the Cool Breeze powder duo. Blush: Rouge Powder 02
  • Lips: Brown 04
  • Volume Mascara in Pearl Anthracite

On me, the makeup is not very pigmented, and therefore offers a more natural look. If you are around my complexion, and like the look of a hint of makeup, then this brand can be for you.

What do you think?