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The Hot Comb!

Monday, January 25th, 2016


Yeah I remember that instrument on the stove burner in the picture all too well. I never understood why mothers, including my own, would fry, burn and cook their daughters’ hair in an attempt to make it look like someone else’s texture. I remember back in the day to have straight hair was a symbol of beauty, and today, all I can say to that is dang we were really messed up.

As a child after all of the fighting and yelling about “Let me get the kitchen,” I was often told I looked pretty and my hair did to. Sometimes I wondered what I looked like before with the hair God gave me.

When I was in grade school, before the two perms, two weeks apart, that changed my hair texture, my curls didn’t need straightening to look straight. After a wash my hair straightened naturally. That’s just how it was. After a shampoo no one believed me when I told them I did not get my hair straightened. For a special occasion or family trip my mother would straighten my hair and it was always a production. “Do you want your hair to look nappy?” as if that was a really bad thing “Yes” I would respond without hesitation.

I remember grown women from the neighborhood would be happy to volunteer to straighten my hair as well as my friends’ hair. They would pick hair that wasn’t there on the back of our necks just to bring the hot comb close to the skin so we could feel the steam. So mean. This made the process of achieving “beauty” painful and scary. I wonder if that experience had an effect on us girls today. What do you think?

Braids for the Fall

Thursday, November 12th, 2015

I took my braids out this Summer because there was a good amount of moisture in the air and I wanted to wear my actual curls. Now that the season has changed, and it is now Fall, the climate is drier and moisture for my hair is needed. So it took my mom two days to put my hair back in box braids which makes things easier all the way around.

It’s shorter than I normally wear it because I was going for the bob look. What do you think?





Bed time.

My Everyday

Wednesday, October 21st, 2015

I haven’t done to much of anything with my hair lately. I’ve been sort of lazy but in actuality a bantu knot-out is a bantu knot-out. A twist-out is a twist-out. It’s all the same and nothing really changes.

My main issue has been my issue since 2011 and that’s dry brittle hair. I have worked on achieving and maintaining moist hair for years and I am still working on it.

I’ve tried lots of products designed to keep hair moist and lustrous but nothing really worked. However, my homemade mix of raw shea butter with pure castor oil incorporated with a leave-in or regular conditioner has helped.

My curls can stay out maybe two days but after that I have to put my hair in a protective style so it can regroup and moisten up.

I am also trying to grow my hair. I take biotin and other supplements and vitamins but at the moment nothing seems to be working right now.

I’m keeping it real. Maybe I’ll get an afro weave one day.


Homemade Shea Butter Castor Oil Cream

Thursday, September 10th, 2015

After four years living in New Mexico I am still battling dry hair issues. Naturals already deal with dry hair so couple that with brittle weather and there you have it, #naturalhairproblems. I’ve mentioned a few times that my hair likes pure castor oil so I have been using that with other products. It was soft, moist and conditioned at the beginning, however, there was still something wrong. It didn’t stay like that. I needed to come up with something new fast because my hair was brittle and breaking off. I tried many things but nothing really worked.

So recently I made a simple cream that included castor oil (1/4 cup) and shea butter (1/2 cup). I incorporated the ingredients using an electric mixer for 30 minutes, let it rest for 30 minutes, and mixed it again until I liked the texture. Then I put it in a glass jar.


I use this mixture with my favorite leave-in conditioner (Shea Moisture’s Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen, Grow & Restore Leave-In Conditioner) and the results are pleasing. My curls stay soft, moist (kinda greasy) and conditioned for a few days and I like that. Thus far no breakage.


By the way, I no longer use a variety of butters, essential oils, oils and other stuff to make my hair creams. Keeping things simple and doing less seems to be working. Besides, when I add essential oils to my hair butters my curls reject the recipe which ultimately causes breakage. Maybe I put too many drops in. I am not sure. Whatever the case I don’t use them on my hair anymore.

What Made Me Go Natural?

Tuesday, July 28th, 2015


This is an easy question. But the actual act should have taken place way before it did. What made me go natural? Well, I went natural because I wanted to live a healthier life style. I had been vegan and eating organic. I started to use natural and organic body butters, hair products, tooth pastes, deodorants, soaps and make up. So with all of that why not continue my growth of living healthy by letting go of hair perms.

Even though I was doing everything else natural it took me a long time to go natural with my hair and that is because I was afraid of corporate America. I soon realized corporate American didn’t like me and I didn’t like corporate American so after watching Chris Rock’s movie “Good Hair” my mind was made up.

What about you? What made you go natural? Please share your experience going natural with Permed to Natural. I know we all have a story to tell.

Is It Time To Take Them Out?

Tuesday, July 14th, 2015

I forgot when I got my box braids done. I like to change them at least every 8 weeks but can’t remember when my mom put them in. Because they look a little shabby I think 8 weeks already arrived. But when I really think about it I think have about 2 1/2 weeks to go.


I am not going to leave my braids in until the end of July. They are stretched out and some are falling out – in public! If the Hubs and I go on another camping trip this weekend I will start removing the box braids on Monday.


Six weeks is a good date as well. My hair doesn’t like it when I leave braids or weaves, when I used to wear a weave, in for 3 or 4 months. I used to do that years ago and my hair never grew. It just broke off.

Summer Weather Winter Skin

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

Even sporting my staple protective style, box braids, I am discovering that in Albuquerque this summer the atmosphere is extra dry and some sort of moisture is needed daily instead of every other day or so.

Even my skin is super dry and I have to lotion-up two or three times a day. This is normal skin behavior for the fall and winter months, but not now.

What on earth is going on with the weather?


My Favorite Natural Hair Care Products

Monday, May 11th, 2015

I have used several natural hair care products in my quest to find the perfect product. But now I am over experimenting. I discovered doing less is more and keeping it simple helped a lot. So out of all the stuff I tried I put together a (short) list of my favorite natural hair care items. Check it out below.

Qhemet – My hair enjoyed this vegan and vegetarian product line. Qhemet left my curls manageable and soft. Some of the products are vegan and for me that was truly a plus.

Kinky-Curly – This line’s leave-in conditioner “Knot Today” is fantastic. I had soft conditioned curls for days.

Raw Eggs – Yup raw eggs! I use at least two raw eggs with each shampoo to provide a natural source of protein. Because my hair is dry I apply the eggs to my hair with a conditioner. If I don’t the eggs will stick. And I never leave the eggs on for penetration purposes. As soon as the eggs are applied and swirled around I rinse them out. Eggs will stick to your hair and it is hard to remove.

Castor Oil - My hair loves thick oily castor oil. First, when applied, it stretches the length of my hair so I like that. It offers moisture and shine that lasts. It may build up faster but that’s okay. A simple rinse while in the shower will do.

Shea Moisture’s Jamaican Black Castor Oil - My hair loves every product in this entire line. Moisture, condition, softness, shine, curls you name it, this line provides. Fantastic!