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What Happened to My Hair?!

Tuesday, October 9th, 2012

I have finally come to terms with the fact that I have thin hair, and according to the experts, it will stay like this because this is the way my hair is.

Now, when people see my hair in an afro, (it always photographs a little flatter/smaller than it is) they get the impression that my hair is very thick when in truth, it is not, actually, it has never been. My stresses may appear to look thick because it is tightly curled – maybe it’s a 4a or something like that – but that’s deceiving.

I tried to thicken it up by making and using potions and products specifically for that development but nothing ever happened. I wonder – how come the texture of my hair changed when I got a perm at 11-years-old, but I cannot make it more fuller and lushes than it is at this moment? What’s up with that?

In the pictures I had just blew my hair dry. It wasn’t too intense. I just wanted to dry and stretch it a little after taking a shower.

I am thankful that I have a head of healthy hair, but like I said, my dream of growing long and thick hair will just not happen. It’s going to stay just like this for years to come.

Oh well. I’ll take it. Do I have a choice? Many other things could be wrong. As my cousin Sandy would say – “Be thankful for the hair you have.”

Straightening Comb

Monday, July 9th, 2012

I remember those dreadful days. While getting my hair pressed my face did not look as calm as this little girl’s.

Racist Comment on Permed to Natural

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

Hey Guys,

Some weirdo wrote the below comment in reference to my feature story titled, “Black Owned Beauty Supply Store Reveals the Struggles to Stay in Business.” Click HERE to read it.

The user information on my blog reads: KKK, fuckinlazyporchmonkeys, and the computer IP address is

I am going to contact the authorities. This nonsense should be legally documented because who knows what else might happen. But - will the authorities be able to do something about this? Is the comment illegal? What can be done? What else should I do?

I need some advice.

The Comment:

you know what black people are good at doing? blaming others, get the fuck off your backs and asses and do something. And no, i don’t mean go try and kill and steal, i’m talking about hard fuckin work.

Budget Van Lines and 5 Star Relocation – The Worst Moving Companies EVER!

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

I moved a couple of weeks ago but I have to blog about the worst moving company on earth to inform the world about how wack they are in hopes to encourage folks not to use them.

BUDGET VAN LINES along with 5 STAR RELOCATION are unprofessional and horrible to work with. DO NOT EVER USE THEM!!!

I found BUDGET VAN LINES online as a company that specialized in East coast West coast relocation. I spoke to sales representative, Alan Katz. His telephone number is 800-611-6001 ext. 7753. His email address is

In the beginning Alan was very professional. He answered the telephone every time I called and when needed, followed up with an email. So with that, I felt comfortable and confident that I had selected the right moving company. I checked out BUDGET VAN LINES on BBB and found a few complaints but thought a few complaints was normal due to working with so many personalities. Later when everything blew up I found on Google a looong list of people who complained about the company. Many had experienced the same thing I am going to tell you about.

A few days before my move Alan called to let me know that 5 STAR RELOCATION, an affiliate BUDGET VAN LINES works with, was going to call to confirm my job. That was Thursday. My move was scheduled for Monday. Friday came and went. No call. On Saturday I called Alan and told him I had not heard from anyone. Alan said he would follow up. Sunday came and went. No call. Monday morning I left a voicemail for Alan because he didn’t answer his telephone. That was the first time that had happened. I started to worry. I called around pressing various extensions, leaving messages everywhere, trying to get someone on the telephone to find out if the movers were on their way. Three hours later a sales rep answered the telephone and it wasn’t Alan. I told him everything in a panic He confirmed my move and gave me the telephone number to 5 STAR RELOCATION. I called right away but could not get anyone on the telephone until 30 minutes later. David finally picked up the line and confirmed my move for that day and said the movers were still coming. He took my information to give to the dispatcher, Alex. Two hours later I called back (no one called me) and Alex answered and told me that he had the move scheduled for Tuesday instead of Monday. LIAR! I told Alex, David already confirmed my move for that day. He responded, in a blasé blasé tone, “I have it scheduled for tomorrow.” Before I knew it – I cursed him out. Then called my bank and disputed the deposits I paid to BUDGET VAN LINES.

Completely stressed out, I spent several hours calling around trying to find a new moving company that could move my stuff that evening because I had a flight booked to leave New York for New Mexico the next morning at 6:00am! With a recommendation from U-Haul I found a company that agreed to move me the next morning. I accepted it. I had no choice. Then I had to change my flight schedule. I managed to get something that left the same day in the afternoon. More stress and money!

After an hour of me calling my bank to dispute the fee I paid to BUDGET VAN LINES, someone from the company finally returned my calls – but it wasn’t Alan. I was so pissed I don’t remember what they said because I wasn’t trying to hear them.

The moving company I was able to get only moved people locally. So I had to have them transfer my stuff to a storage unit at U-Haul. Stress, stress and more stress.

Overall, the move went well and I was able to make my plane in a knick of time. The rest of my stuff will be here in August when I move into my new place. Fingers crossed everything goes smoothly.

However, I spent thousands of extra dollars that was not part of the plan to make everything happen. I am wondering if I have a law suit against sorry-ass BUDGET VAN LINES and 5 STAR RELOCATION.

What do you think?

My Hair is Dry!!

Friday, July 8th, 2011

My Goodness!!!

I haven’t been in New Mexico a solid two weeks and already my hair has dried up like burnt ash. I guess traveling from New York to New Mexico and then from New Mexico to Georgia and back to New Mexico within seven days was a lot for my hair to handle.

However, while in Georgia my hair felt soft. When I arrived back to New Mexico my hair felt dry and crunchy-like. 

I also have been outside (in the sun) then inside (in air conditioning) then back outside and inside again. Perhaps my hair is going through some sort of culture shock due to all of the sudden changes. 

People in New Mexico said it is the dry air that is sucking all of the moisture out of my hair. I was told that I will have to double up on everything to keep a little moisture in my curls such as deep conditioning twice a week instead of once a week, doubling up on the amount of products I use for moisture, wetting my hair every day and sealing it in plus administering more co-washes.

I am already using good-goobs of products every night, more than I have ever used before, but so far nothing has helped. My hair feels dry and hard as if I didn’t use anything at all.

The products I am currently using are by Wonder Curl. I purchased them at the Natural’s Night Out event in New York City.

I saturate, I mean sat-tu-rate my hair every evening, with Wonder Curl’s Butter Than Love Hair Whipped, Get Slick Hair Smoothie and sometimes Get Set Hair Gel. I lock-in everything with coconut oil or Shea Moisture’s Reconstructive Elixir with sea kelp, argon oil and shea butter for dry, damaged hair

I don’t know if I should review Wonder Curl’s products or the Reconstructive Elixir. If I do, based on what I am experiencing in New Mexico, on a scale of 1 to 5 curls, I will have to give all of the products 1/2 curl because they are just not working for me. After using the Elixir my hair is oily but their is no moisture. After using the coconut oil I get the same results, so…

But, while in Atlanta over the July 4th holiday, my hair felt a little softer but I was not really satisfied with its texture.

So in Georgia, I’ll give Wonder Curl and Shea Moisture’s Reconstructive Elixir – 2 curls.

Any suggestions on how I can maintain moisture in my hair??

I Gotta Crush!

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

Check them out!

I Have to Get a Grip

Friday, June 17th, 2011

My hair has grown. The back reaches my collar bone when in March it came to the end of my neck. I am happy about that, really I am, but I don’t think it is growing fast enough and it certainly isn’t as thick as I want it to be. I watch YouTube and read other hair blogs and have observed the growth and thickness of the natural vloggers and bloggers and say – “My hair doesn’t look like that!”

Then I think, “Who am I comparing myself to?” I am comparing my hair growth and thickness to women who are mainly in their 20’s or 30s. I shouldn’t do that because I am 45 years old! Chemicals were in my hair on and off for 16 years and then consistently for another 16. So that is a lot of years spent ruining my hair. When those numbers are combined its total equals more than the age of most of those natural heads and when I think about that, all I can say is, OMG!

My hair has experienced relaxers, curly perms, flat irons, hot combs, curling irons, braids, weaves and maybe something else I can’t think of right now that I know has caused serious damage. It isn’t as strong or youthful as someone maybe twenty years my junior so I have to get a grip and come to terms that my mane will do its thing on its own time and no one else’s – especially mine. Plus, because of all of the hair abuse, in addition to age, I may also have to come to terms that my hair won’t be as thick as most of the bloggers and vloggers or even as thick as I want it to be.

That’s a way harsh reality to come to terms with. Am I ready to get a grip of the truth? Do I have a choice?


Friday, March 4th, 2011

Hey There!

Permed to Natural’s posts are having coding issues on its Twitter and MySpace accounts. So this post is just a test to find out if all of the articles will surface and appear legible on all pages.

Okay. Here we go!