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Purple Royalty

Friday, April 22nd, 2016

In memory of the Beautiful One I am re-posting an article I wrote that mentioned his natural hair. I loved it when Price went from permed to natural! I love Prince! He was amazing and will be missed.

Sleep In Power!


Happy New Year everybody!

Does anyone have a natural hair resolution for 2013? I hope to rule over dryness while living in New Mexico. HA! We’ll see.

Yep that’s Prince. Doesn’t he look good?


On news stands next week!


Soror Dee

Thursday, June 12th, 2014

Thank you Soror Ruby Dee for teaching us, “The kind of beauty [we] want is the most hard-to-get kind; it comes from within – strength, courage and dignity. Rest in Heaven.










Just Beautiful

Remembering Maya

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

Maya Angelou was an amazing poet, story teller and teacher. Her influence and presence was known worldwide. Maya’s purpose was meaningful, spiritual and will always be remembered. She was loved, respected and will be missed.

Today I am honoring Maya’s life through just a few of my favorite photos. Enjoy.





Here she is as an actress in Roots.



A fabulous cook. She authored two cookbooks.

Maya Angelou

Back in the day Maya loved her head wraps. Today I love mine.

maya angelou 1

Always the artistic artist.



Maya the dancer.


The world is her child.


Everybody loved her.


Including the president.


Jimi Hendrix Forever

Saturday, March 15th, 2014

I was very pleased to learn that there is a United States postal stamp featuring rock legend, Jimi Hendrix, called the Jimi Hendrix Forever Stamp. I have been a fan since high school and when I was a book publicist in New York I had the opportunity to work with his adopted sister, Janie Hendrix, on a book she put together that told a story behind every song Jimi wrote.

Janie is good people. When I needed a recommendation for another job she provided it with no problem. It was very impressive to list Jimi Hendrix’s sister as a reference. Everyone liked it. Too bad the people at the company that hired me were complete insecure nuts. Karma is real. But hey, I digressed, back to Jimi.


The stamp went on sale Wednesday, March 13 and features an illustration of the musician playing a guitar.

The stamp was revealed at the South By Southwest festival in Austin, Texas before a Jimi Hendrix celebration concert.

Also in the news about Jimi Hendrix is his new biopic titled Jimi: All Is by My Side which stars Andre Benjamin (aka Outkast’s Andre 3000) in the lead role.


The movie made its U.S. debut also at South by Southwest on March 12 and the film was written and directed by 12 Years A Slave screenwriter, John Ridley, which he recently won an Academy award for. The film will be released nationwide this summer.



The book I publicized for Janie.


Janie and I with her husband Sheldon (of Earth, Wind & Fire) at CBGB’s in NY January 2004.


Tuesday, March 4th, 2014


“No matter where you are from, your dreams are valid. ” – The Beautiful Lupita Nyongo – Congratulations on your Academy award win!!

The Best Man Holiday (Spoiler)

Monday, November 18th, 2013

So like a whole bunch of other people this past weekend I went to the movies to see “The Best Man Holiday.” I have been excited about the sequel since I first heard it was going to be made a little more than a year ago. It was good to see that after fifteen years all of the characters looked just as good as they did when “The Best Man” was released.


The opening weekend was a success. The film grossed more than $30 million, a triumph for a budget of just $17 million.

If you haven’t seen “The Best Man Holiday,” and you want to, don’t read any further because I am about to ruin it for you with listing my favorite 8 moments in the film. Here they go…

8. Shelby starring on the show “Housewives of Westchester County.” – I totally loved this.

7. Mia calling Shelby “Sands.” – Right away I wondered, which sorority are they talking about, but later in the movie, I figured it out.

The Best Man Holiday

6. Lance throwing up his dog ears as a symbol of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity.

5. The introduction of Jordan’s gorgeous boyfriend stopping by to see her at work.


4. Lance having to “check” Robyn to find out how many centimeters she dilated. – HA! That was almost like karma for Harper.

3. The fellas singing and dancing to Can You Stand the Rain by New Edition. – They were cool.


2. The girls signing “O Holy Night” with Mia emotionally chiming in was heart-felt and moving. – Now I have to make sure I have this song in my collection to play repeatedly during the Christmas season.

1. Shelby placing African Violets on Mia’s coffin. – That’s when I figured out the characters were members of my sorority – Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. So proud :)

I enjoyed this movie so much I might see it again but I do know I am going to buy a copy when it comes out on DVD. I had a copy of “The Best Man” on VHS but someone stole it from my collection. Ain’t that something.

Viola Davis Tells It All To Essence

Wednesday, September 18th, 2013

When I saw the new cover of Essence magazine it gave me a tingly feeling inside. It felt good to see Viola Davis’ sweet smile on the October 2013 issue. I recently started to slack off a bit on my skin care routine, but after seeing Viola’s smooth rich complexion and perfectly applied Fall make-up, it influenced me to want to continue with my beauty regiment, the right way, so I can look gorgeous like her. Even though I know magazine covers are touched up, it was just her presence that had a strong impact.


So after reading the headline regarding her feature, I was curious about what she had to say on “…Owning Her Natural Beauty…” I did notice she let her afro grow, and had the sides shaped up, plus the color changed from the fire-like red (the color she sported on the red carpet at the Oscars) to a dark healthy black which suited her skin tone perfectly.

With a jar of hair elixir on hand to touch up her natural curls (for a date with her husband) during the interview with Essence, Viola spoke about the spark of conversation and effect she had on women of color when she took off her wig.

“I understand how we view our hair. Our hair is a symbol of something much larger, much deeper. When I took my wig off, it had been a long journey. It didn’t just culminate in the night of the Oscars.”

How she came to accepting her natural curls.

“Sometimes you have one foot in your old life, where someone always told you you’re not good enough, you’re too Black, you’re too dark, you’re not classically beautiful. And the other foot is in your new life where you understand that’s a lie.”

“…I had to defend myself as an artist, and through that, I found myself defending myself as a Black woman, a dark skinned-Black woman, in front of people who did not know my life…”

“…And through that fighting, what emerged was that I needed to take my wig off because I no longer wanted to apologize for who I am. So I did and felt very comfortable in doing that.”

Roles she is being offered since she removed her wig.

“…With a wig or without a wig, I’m still going to look the way I look. I think I was trying too hard to make people see me. And it didn’t work that way. So I said, Let me take my wig off and be who I am. Once I did, what was left was this image of me and my natural hair… The one thing I feel is lacking in Hollywood today is an understanding of the beauty, the power, the sexuality, the uniqueness, the humor of being a regular Black woman.”

The Oscar-nominated actress for The Help also mentioned the lessons she will teach her 2-year-old daughter Genesis about being a Black woman.

“Well, you know, I am not going to traumatize her about her hair. That is number one…”

Well said Mrs. Viola!


Sheryl Underwood Apologies On Steve Harvey For Her Natural Hair Comments

Wednesday, September 4th, 2013

Sheryl Underwood apologized on the Steve Harvey Morning Show today about her natural hair comments.

Take a LISTEN. It’s heartfelt and sincere.