Saturday, March 21st, 2020

The times we are living in right now is like something out of a movie. I am waiting for the director to say “Cut!” and we all go back to our normal lives.

I am currently on day 5 of self-quarantine. Monday, March 16 was my last regular day of work. My job was trying to figure out what to do. Things were changing by the hour. I informed my supervisors, because of what I heard on the news, that I am more susceptible to contracting the coronavirus because I have a pre-existing condition (type 1 diabetes). On Tuesday, March 17 my supervisors told me to work from home for the next 30 days.

So, I organized my work laptop to gain access to my emails and have been working from my home office as much as I can. I like working from home. I get to stay up late and sleep longer. It takes me maybe an hour to shower, moisturize my hair, face, and body (sans make-up) then jump into some sweats (that I probably wore the day before), make the bed, set up my work laptop, turn on my work cell phone and eat a bowl of cereal while checking my emails. Normally I take two hours in the morning and I don’t make the bed.


The last time I saw my 80-year-old mom was Tuesday. I check in with her every day and encourage her to stay home. If she needs supplies I gave her a number to call that will deliver to seniors. We did a big shop last weekend. I gave her vitamins to increase her immune system, and without knowing the relation elderberry was going to have with the coronavirus, I ordered the herb for her sinus condition that arrived this week. What luck! Elderberries have practically disappeared from the shelves. I ordered another bag of herbs and gummies for my family on amazon, with an inflated price, and will have to wait until April to receive everything.


The Hubs and I have also increased out vitamin intake and I am always sanitizing. It’s hard. I have to be careful with bags and products and packages delivered because, if infected, the virus can stay on items for at least 24 hours. Whenever I go to Wal-Mart, if I see toilet paper, paper towels, and any disinfectant I get it. I am constantly sanitizing my hands and wiping things down, including products I purchase before I put them in my pantry and refrigerator. Before all of this the Hubs had men working on the property. I told him to postpone. We don’t need people running around on the property at this time and they defiantly wasn’t coming in my house. I have to watch the Hubs carefully with hand sanitizing and so on. Sometimes I think he thinks he is invincible.

To pass the time I binge-watched season 3 of “The Deuce,” watched the movies “US,” “Little,” and “Aquaman” all on HBO and binge-watched, in one sitting, the limited series “Self Made: Inspired by the Life of Madam C.J. Walker” on Netflix. I was truly inspired by the story of Madam C.J. Walker. She was brilliant!


I cook more. I baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies (I can’t believe I never posted my recipe) and a loaf of banana bread. The Hubs liked that. And because the Madam C.J. Walker story was extremely inspirational to me I made another batch of my homemade hair cream. I went to the catholic store and purchased a St. Michael’s globe for protection and 12 white 7-day candles. I plan to burn a candle once-a-week.


I disinfect the floors every couple of days but broke the mop trying to break up a fight between my cane corso and rottweiler.

I have to stop being paranoid about everything and start to meditate. I entered a store and felt weird. I thought I got something. I blamed it on the store. When I got home I immediately asked the Hubs to take my temperature. He got mad at me because I went outside. My temperature was normal. Then I remembered I am a diabetic (sounds weird, right?) and checked my sugar. I was low. That’s why I felt weird. I gotta calm down. If I keep this up I am going to make myself sick.

Twenty something more days to go…


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