Simple DIY Hair Moisturizing and Growth Butter

Friday, January 31st, 2020

My main beauty goal since I moved to New Mexico has been to keep my hair moisturized so it can be healthy and grow.

I’ve had all kinds of moisturizing hair regiments that were good but for some reason not good enough for this extremely dry climate.

I did some research and incorporated some herbs I never used before with some herbs I have always used and came up with a pretty good batch of hair butter that I like. Check out what I did below.


  • Olive Oil – 9 Tablespoons – Moisture
  • Vitamin E Liquid – 1 oz – Moisture


  • Marshmallow Root – 2  1/2 tablespoons – Moisture


  • Nettle – .20 oz – Growth


  • Fenugreek Seeds (crushed into a powder) – 1  1/2 tablespoons – Growth



crushed seeds

  • Rosemary – .38 oz – Growth


  • Shea Butter – A few clumps – Moisture

I placed the olive oil, vitamin e oil, and all of the herbs in a stainless steel pan. Put a low heat to it to release the properties of the herbs and stirred constantly.

Then I let it sit over night so all ingredients could release and incorporate.

pan of herbs

The next day I put the herbs and oils into a strainer to separate everything and placed the oils in a blender. Then transferred all to an electric mixer because I like the consistency that the mixer brings more than the blender. Impatient.

herbs in strainer

in blender

I added shea butter and mixed the ingredients until a texture formed. At that point I placed the mixture in the refrigerator to stiffen. After that the butter started to develop nicely in the electric mixer.

texture in blender

This hair butter doesn’t smell very nice, because of the herbs, but since I’m in desperate times I really don’t care. I just want my hair and scalp moisturized.

hair butter

I use a little every day in various places on my scalp and hair. My plan is to finish this little mason jar of butter in 6 months or less.

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