Linden Flower, Thyme Leaf, Chamomile Flower

Thursday, January 31st, 2019

I posted this tea remedy to provide relief for a cold or flu years ago.

Whenever I felt a bug trying to creep in, I would make a tea using a teaspoon of each herb, two or three times a day, and I am telling you, the symptoms would vanish in no time.

I haven’t been sick in years. So when I got sick this year I went to the doctor, mainly because my mom got nervous because of what happened to Kim Porter, and took some ibuprofen that was prescribed by the physician. That did nothing for me. I was still sick.

The Hubs constantly shoved raw garlic at me to chew and eat with water and tablespoons of Nyquil but those things did nothing for me either.

I had a cough so bad my chest started to hurt and it became uncomfortable to wear a bra. I checked for lumps because I wasn’t sure what was going on.

Then while on the phone with my sisters, talking about my condition, I remembered my own herbal remedy that I absolutely loved. How could I forget it?! It’s been a while since I had been sick.

I quickly went to the herb store to purchase the herbs. The few minutes there I was busy trying so hard not to cough on people. After drinking a large cup of tea I slept the entire night without waking up to cough. I haven’t done that in a couple of weeks. However, the cough didn’t completely go away with one cup, but I did notice an improvement.

I am a firm believer in using natural remedies to soothe all issues and I bet I won’t forget this recipe ever again and I will always keep linden, thyme and chamomile in my pantry – FOREVER!


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