Easter Sunday

Sunday, April 1st, 2018

This Easter Sunday I stayed home and basically cooked. For breakfast I made grits and cheese, which took 2 hours, yams (something I picked up in Jamaica) and bacon and sausages for The Hubs.


For dinner stew was the main dish. I made beef stew (It took hours for the meat to get tender) and vegan beef stew with carrots, unions, peppers, brown rice, corn on the comb and spinach.

Even though I was on my feet watching religious movies, chopping, stirring, measuring and whatever else, I enjoyed preparing these meals for my husband and when he said the food was perfect, I knew it was all worth it.


So I forgot to take pictures. The food looked good and the table set for two was cute. But The Hubs kept rushing me to eat so I forgot.


I did take a picture during a brief break. The dogs always manage to find their way in front of the camera.

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