What Was I Thinking?!

Thursday, December 7th, 2017

I wore my favorite protective style, box braids, for many months and my hair responded by growing nicely. However my edges didn’t feel and do the same and decided to break off.

So with that I gave box braids a break and wore my other favorite protective style which is an afro draw-string ponytail. The thing is I felt my hair had to be blown-out and flat-ironed to look presentable in the afro puff. I didn’t think my hair would be able to pull back into a pony tail without the heat. I was wrong and because of that my curls taught me a lesson.

On wash day every two weeks I blew my hair dry then ran a Chi through it. I didn’t moisturize the way I should have because I thought my curls would shrink. After a few months of that, my hair couldn’t take it anymore, but my edges grew in!

To work with my edges and the rest of my curls I styled my hair in two-strand twists, pulled them back in a ponytail, pinned whatever fell out, then adjusted the afro puff. This style worked great and I was able to moisturize properly.

I don’t know what I was thinking before. I really don’t. I knew better but at that time I didn’t.

To try to rectify what I did while begging for forgiveness, I am taking daily doses of supplements that include vitamin A, B, C, D, E, a multi, biotin, hair, skin and nails plus Co Q 10 (anti-aging).

With all of this I wonder if my hair will get thicker?

Below I am revealing a large and extra large afro puff.






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