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Thursday, October 29th, 2015

I had to update some of my Juice Beauty products and along the way I decided to try a few new things just to experiment.

I have used Juice Beauty on and off for years but I returned a couple of years ago and decided to maintain this brand as my go-to for skin care necessities.

Juice Beauty is great because the products are organic and they do wonders for my skin without harsh ingredients doing who knows what to my face and organs.  Plus I get more compliments, and for someone who grew up with oily acne prone skin with scars, that means a lot!

The new stuff I am trying for the first time includes Stem Cellular Cleansing Oil. I use this anti-aging product at night to remove make up. It was made to clean, soften and purify while dissolving makeup. Perfect.

The other new product is the Green Apple Peel Nightly Brightening Pads. These anti-aging pads are applied at night and I have noticed a certain glow to skin. In addition, my make up goes on easier.

The last new nightly product I use is Nutrient Moisturizer. This is thick, moist and perfect for the dry, cool, fall nights in Albuquerque.

Hydration is key as we get older and I make sure to apply suitable items to my skin as I rest through the night and heal.





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