Five Tips to Help You Age Gracefully

Monday, June 8th, 2015

I think it is safe to say everyone wants to age gracefully. I know I do. I love it when people think I am in my mid 30s, when in actuality, I am much older than that. Looking youthful has a lot to do with genetics but there are steps to take to enhance those baby looks and one way is eating a healthy diet. You probably heard that before but it’s worth repeating. So below I provided five top tips anyone can use to age gorgeously for many years to come. Check it out.

Eat Healthy Fats

People tend to think that fat is the enemy however that isn’t fully true. There are bad fats such as lard and butter which are dangerous for the waistline and heart health, but there are also healthy fats such as those found in olive oil and avocado. Not only do they taste great, they possess properties which can help to keep anyone looking young and feeling great.

Give Your Body Lots of Hydration

The body needs water in order to perform even the most basic function. It also needs water to help it stay looking young. Have some fun with water. Infuse fruits such as watermelon, oranges, apples or pineapples to make it taste sweet naturally.

Eat Guava

Guava is very high in Vitamin C which is an important component of any anti-aging diet.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes have been called the perfect food because they are low in calories but high in fiber. They are packed with vitamins and minerals and can assist in cell repair. Bake, boil or steam them and then add some cinnamon. Sweet potatoes can also be eaten mashed like white potatoes.

Omega Fatty Acids

Omega Fatty Acids are a key part of any anti-aging diet not to mention any healthy lifestyle. You can get them from things like chia seeds, flax seeds or in whole grains. You can also take supplements to help boost your intake.


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