New Anchor Woman Reveals Her Natural Hair

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

More and more black women are going natural. Everyone knows this. And I am always happy to see the results of someone who decided to live a healthier lifestyle and started with their hair.

African American news anchor women who decide to go natural often do an entire news story regarding their decision (no matter what it is) about their own hair. I often wonder why don’t they just come to work with a TWA or a twist-out and let the day go as planned. If that happened, would they be treated differently? Would they get fired and ostracized from the business until they put back in their extensions?

Just below is a story of a news anchor woman who decided to go natural for health reasons. In my opinion it was none of our business why she made her decision but I feel she may have felt she had to tell her story in order to maintain her job. To me that is just sad. Check out the story below.

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Pam McKelvy a Memphis news woman discovered she had breast cancer during her annual mammogram. She underwent a double mastectomy to remove the cancer and she shared her entire journey with her audience.

McKelvy states “A woman’s relationship with her hair is sacred. Her hair is her crown of glory. And for women in TV its intensified. I lost my hair after chemo and I’ve been wearing a wig since this past March. Today I’m taking it off for good. This is a milestone blessed experience for me”

After the grand reveal, she went on to thank everyone for the unyielding support during her battle. She says she feels more radiant and more beautiful than she’s ever been. She’s also extremely grateful to be able to return to her station and share her experience.

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