Miss America Not Being Treated With Patriotism

Sunday, September 22nd, 2013

I am really not feeling the racist comments towards our new Miss America, Nina Davuluri. I don’t know why I was/am (still) shocked at the mean, hateful and ridiculous statements made by uneducated backwards woodsy people – but I am.


First of all I am a New York pageant girl and Nina is a New York pageant girl. So because of that connection I had her back right away. Plus, since Mallory Hagan Miss America 2013, also from New York, served only 8 month as Miss America, I wanted New York to win again.

All of the stuff that was said on twitter was straight crazy. Those fools said, “Nina performed an Egyptian dance and that she is an Arab and a terrorist.


Miss America’s response to all of that crap was simply, “I have to rise above that. I always viewed myself as first and foremost American.”

The thing is Nina is not the first Asian American to win the title and crown. Angela Perez-Baraquio, Miss Hawaii, is of Filipino descent and she won in 2001.

Now this is something that makes me wonder. Was all of this nonsense said because Nina’s skin is brown? I say yes! I don’t remember any racist statements said about Angela when she won and defiantly not at this level. Skin color is definitely the factor in all of this hatred – bottom line!


But this is America. It’s a melting pot that includes all. Right? My college buddy and Facebook friend said, “America was never a true melting pot. I’ve been in countries where different races and cultures truly co-mingled and America is not one of them.”

1234022_10152009041962573_1268500868_nTo my knowledge this is the third brown-skinned Miss America to win wearing a yellow gown

Despite all the foolishness I am sending a HUGE congratulations to Nina Davuluri on making history to become the first Miss America of Indian heritage! Us brown girls are doing it BIG!!



Watch Miss America 2014′s interviewed with Debbye Turner Miss America 1990 on “Arise News.”

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