Long Hair? It’ll Happen One Day.

Monday, November 5th, 2012

Even though my hair has not grown much since I’ve been in New Mexico, I am still on a mission to maintain its health – of course – and achieve as much length as possible.

I don’t believe the length I have now is the longest it is going to get – despite age and having neck/collar-bone length hair all of my life – I feel confident I can make it longer with patience and moisture and moisture and patience.

I already started a new hair care regime but there has been a slight change to my routine. I now take one capsule of Solaray’s Hair Nutrients twice a day with food! I am currently on my second bottle.

Have I noticed any growth? No. But my husband and mother said my hair has gotten longer. I can’t really tell.

However, I have noticed that the health of my hair has improved. The texture feels slightly stronger and my tresses possess a little more of a natural shine. Nothing major.

I normally wear my hair in two strand twists or some sort of protective style. Maintaining moisture is key in New Mexico. If I wear my hair in an afro for several consecutive days, it becomes dry and pieces start to crumble to the floor. Honestly, when that happens, because it is still new to me, I become very confused.

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