New Hair Care Regimen

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

I decided to change my hair care routine. The method I thought would work didn’t and it was time for me to rethink my regime. I just became crazy excited with my new texture and always wanted to be doing something with my hair. Well, not anymore. I now do what my hair likes and not what I want. Check out my new schedule below.


I’m keeping it simple – down to the vitamins. Before I was taking different vitamins for hair bone strengthening, hair growth, this, that… I don’t know. Now I take one capsule of Solaray’s Hair Nutrients twice a day with food! Since I started I have noticed that the health of my hair has improved. The texture feels slightly stronger and my tresses possess a little more of a natural shine. Nothing major.


I just want to add that prenatal vitamins did absolutely nothing for the health or growth of my hair!


I use olive, castor or coconut oil as a pre-poo. When lavender season is at its peak (July, August, September), I make lavender oil and use that as a pre-poo as well. Because of the extremely dry climate in New Mexico, I leave the oil on my hair for hours, sometimes all day, and then over night. It seems to be working.


I decided to wash my hair once every two weeks unless I have serious product build up. I discovered the less I wash my hair the better it seems to hold up. It’s as if the moisturizing products are able to settle in and my hair seems to like that, so…

Cleansing and Conditioning Products

I don’t have a favorite shampoo or conditioner. I am going to use what I can easily purchase at the store instead of ordering everything online and spending a lot of money. Sometimes I want or need stuff right then and there, and can’t wait, or don’t want to wait for them to be delivered.

Raw Eggs

Once a month I will always offer my hair protein by shampooing with raw eggs. It’s done after a regular shampoo and during the instant conditioning. The eggs stick less when incorporated with a conditioner. Chicken, turkey or duck (Yes I said duck eggs. I have purchased them at the local farmers market), I don’t care. They all work the same way.

Duck eggs

Deep Conditioner

For a deep conditioner, from experience, I have found that using food products out of my refrigerator have really worked. Honestly, my hair feels that same after applying hair care products or regular food items. So to keep things simple I’d rather use butter, avocados or even mayonnaise as a deep conditioner. Donning a plastic cap, then a heating cap, or sitting in the sun, helps condition and soften my hair every time! I rinse out the homemade deep conditioner using store bought conditioners. I am trying all tricks to keep my hair moisturized and soft because the air here is just too dry.

Leave-In Conditioner

I do have a favorite leave-in and that is Kinky-Curly’s Knot Today. It conditions, detangles and softens my hair. It’s a staple.


I normally wear my hair in two-strand twists for two or three weeks.

Homemade Stuff

I make a simple hair cream using shea butter as the main ingredient. I’ll add a drop or two of rosemary essential oil – but just one or two – my hair doesn’t like a lot of essential oils.

Twist Product

I love Curls’ Passion Fruit Curl Control Paste. This product really, really offers my twists superb definition. I just love it.

Hair Accessories

I wear flowered clips and/or head bands every day. They really make a simple hairstyle stand out!

This will be my routine in the summer, winter, spring and fall. Unless my hair tells me otherwise, I’m not changing it.

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