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Monday, December 12th, 2011

I recently had the opportunity to chat with Cheryl Simms, the author of YOUR NATURAL HAIR JOURNAL. Her book is the new go-to manual for all women who are either curious, or in the midst of, making that great leap from permed to natural hair.

I was excited to discover that Cheryl and I embarked upon and recorded our hair journeys around the same time. She documented her experiences in a journal, and I recorded mine on my blog.

In an easy-to-read format, Cheryl writes about the purpose and benefits of keeping a hair journal. In her own personal and humorous fashion, she highlights the never-ending hair struggles that ultimately lead her to go natural.

YOUR NATURAL HAIR JOURNAL provides readers with hair care tips, websites, videos, natural hair jargons and important product suggestions. This handbook also spotlights the all important emotional aspects related to how women may feel during their transition.

The book includes color pictures throughout, pages to journal about your hair’s texture, health, condition and goals, plus additional sheets to post inspirational photos about your personal hair growth journey.

Clearly, YOUR NATURAL HAIR JOURNAL is not only an empowering tool for women, but also a must-read for anyone interested in staying organized, motivated and informed during their first year of transitioning.

YOUR NATURAL HAIR JOURNAL; Cheryl Simms; ISBN: 978-146098278-5; Paperback; Price: $17.99

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