More from The MakeUp Show NYC – part 1

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

Below are photos from the actual expo at The MakeUp Show NYC. There was so much going on I know I didn’t capture everything. It was a great event. I learned a lot, not only about make up, but general stuff I can use in my industry from the seminars I attended. I am glad I had the opportunity to go. I purchased more than enough make up, brushes and lashes. Plus the Press Gift Bag was full of great products.

To stay in sync with my diet (vegan), and hair care products, I only wear natural make up. So I was over the moon with excitement to find Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC) a 100% vegan cosmetic brand right here in New York City. I love their Lip Tar! It is the best! I am pictured with CEO and Creative Director, David Klasfeld. David was so sweet. He gave me a few items as a gift.

YoungBlood Mineral Cosmetics – a natural make up brand.

With Dex, founder of Dex New York, a high-end mineral make up line. This company gave me a pro-card. I can’t wait to receive it!!

Naked Cosmetics an all natural brand.

bdellium tools is a fabulous company that has a vegan line of make up brushes. I spent a lot of money at the Crown Brush booth then discovered bdellium. I was pissed. But I still purchased a couple of vegan tools for my collection. I had to!

Lit is a natural brand of wonderful loose shimmery shadows.

Rose-Marie Swift is the founder of an organic line of cosmetics called RMS Beauty. I was looking for a concelor and she had nothing that matched my complexion so I bought that to her attention. Rose-Marie said there are no darker colors because she doesn’t have a market for it. That was a typical answer from a company that only wants to cater to certain groups. I told her black people do want to wear natural make up but some companies just don’t bother to produce the shades. Rose-Marie then said she is planning to add two darker shades to her collection. Whatever.

Natural heads at The MakeUp Show.

Love her curls.

Beautiful afro!

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