The Green Products Expo

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

As a member of the press I was excited to be invited to attend the Green Products Expo that was held in New York City on April 13. The Green Products Expo is designed to facilitate conversations between media and exhibitors about environmentally friendly products and trends in the marketplace.

I decided to become a vegan in 2000 and since then I have continuously incorporated new elements to help me maintain a natural lifestyle. I still have a lot to learn and with events such as The Green Products Expo I discover new items to assist me sustain a lifestyle I desire.

Check out the photos from the event. There was a little bit of everything present.

The gift bag was an Eco-Chic “The Give Bag” which features reuseable gift tags.

Free products. I just love the Indiana Jones looking “The Real Deal” hat that was crafted from recycled tarps of Brazilian cargo trucks in an attempt to cut down on the wasting of resources.

More free items

Hair and skin care products by Australian Scent

Soaps by Australian Scent

The Real Deal hats and bags

Sporting my Real Deal hat

Zippit Doo’s is a hair care system for children with lice. It is paraben and SLS free and pediatrician approved

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