Homemade Hair Rinse

Monday, April 11th, 2011

In a previous post I included Horsetail and Nettle herb tea in my homemade shampoo in place of water. Now that I am using over the counter products instead of my own concoction I decided to add the herb mixture to my weekly ritual as a rinse before shampooing or co-washing.

Horsetail and Nettle are excellent elements for hair care. You can find them in many store bought products and they can also be purchased in the form of a supplement, powder, tincture or leaf. I bought my leafs from an herb store in the East village in New York City called Flower Power.

Horsetail has been used as a remedy for hair growth and to prevent hair loss for thousands of years. Horsetail is rich in silica which is what the body needs to naturally stimulate thick, long, healthy and strong hair.

Nettle, also known as Stinging Nettle because of its tingling sensation that irritates the skin to increase blood flow and nourishment, has been used to achieve healthy hair since the ancient times. Applying a Nettle solution can increase the blood flow to the scalp. It also oxygenates hair follicles and strengthens hair fibers, promoting healthier, shinier, fuller hair. The results of Nettle do not happen overnight, but continued use will eventually produce excellent results.

In addition to achieving healthy long hair, I am on a quest to make my hair thick and full, so Horsetail and Nettle are perfect plants for me to use. During my weekly ritual on Saturday, I combined the two herbs and used them as a hair rinse. This is what I did:

One teaspoon of Horsetail (l). One teaspoon of Nettle (r).

Two cups of water.

Pour the water in a pot and boil. Make sure the water is at a bubbly boil before adding the herbs.

Turn off the fire and add the plant mixture.

Steep the leafs. I steeped for 24 hours. The longer it steeps the stronger the rinse.

Strain the liquid.

The rinse is ready!

On dry hair, bending over a sink, I poured on the Horsetail and Nettle rinse. I put on a plastic cap (have a towel handy because the liquid will run down your face and neck) and left it in for approximately 45 minutes. I rinsed it out then proceeded with my weekly hair care regiment.

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