Peanut Oil

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

While shopping for cooking oils I noticed a bottle of Peanut oil on the shelve with a variety of other seed and nut oils. I’ve seen Peanut oil before – plenty of times – but on this particular day I took a moment to stare at the bottle a little longer and skim the label.

I then remembered I have been searching for a vegan protein source to use on my hair. I thought avocado treatments provided protein but they don’t.  Avocado is an excellent hair conditioner so if you are applying the fruit to your tresses please continue to do so. Back in the day I used to wash my hair with raw eggs which is an outstanding source of protein. But I really wanted to find a vegan homemade recipe that offered some sort of protein and on that day, in the market, Peanut oil registered as a possibility.

Peanut oil is often used for medicinal and culinary purposes. It is applied as a message oil, it sooths arthritis pain, (I told my Mom to use the oil for her arthritis and she said it helped), assists in healing scalp psoriasis plus people like to fry Turkey in Peanut oil among other foods.

I am going to make a batch of hair cream and shampoo featuring Peanut oil and post the recipes for you guys to check out. I am really excited to add this oil to my beauty regiment. I hope I found the key ingredient to help my hair grow ten inches by the end of the year.

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One Response to “Peanut Oil”

  1. Kalila says:
    September 2nd, 2011 at 2:19 AM

    Excellent Choice. Today I stared at a bottle of peanut oil and decided to buy it. Actually I went to buy some peanut oil to try on my hair. I usually use Olive oil, but I have seen no real change in hair growth. I do hot oil treatments, but my hair still breaks a little. My hair is super thick and course, and takes hours or days to press it straight. I too recently went natural from having another a perm. If my hair would not sweat out it’s pressing, it would be thick and shinny and soft most of the time instead of a thick puff, but I do sweat.

    I look forward to hearing the results of your trial period with Peanut Oil, as I will be using it myself, but mostly for hot oil treatments.

    Good Luck!

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