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Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

For a little over a month I have not taken my vitamins. I ran out of some but that is no excuse. Because I want to grow my hair, gain more energy, be healthy and look great, I decided to put together a brand new regiment.

I am experimenting on myself which means I am no expert. Combined with information from a doctor, stuff I read online and videos I watched on YouTube, I organized a daily routine that I think will work for me.

Daily, with a meal, I take one tablet each of the following vitamins and supplements:

  • Vitamin E 200 IU
  • Vitamin D 1000 IU
  • Super B-Complex
  • MSM
  • Folic Acid 800 mcg
  • Prenatal

About the Vitamins and Supplements:

Vitamin E – I have always liked this vitamin. It is good for the hair, skin and nails. It also possess antioxidants, slows down the process of aging, protects lungs, dissolves blood clots and helps with fertility.

Vitamin D – My bone density test results were low, and because I live in NYC and not sunny California anymore, I decided to take vitamin D  daily.  This vitamin is great for preventing many illnesses due to bone loss, it builds calcium and bone vitality that ultimately leads to healthy hair.

Super B-Complex – The Super B improves the fullness of hair, promotes scalp circulation, prevents premature graying (I’m too late) and hair loss and stimulates hair growth. How wonderful is that?

MSM  (MethylSulfonylMethane) – Everyone says MSM is beneficial to hair growth and strength due to its role in synthesizing components such as collagen and keratin. So I decided to try it.

Also, if you are just injured, the December issue of Woman’s World magazine says, “Taking 2 g. to 4 g. of this healing sulfur compound blocks pain signals, boosts blood flow to recently injured tissues and shuts down muscle spasms, cutting the pain of fresh injury 82% within six weeks. And for almost seven to ten women, it banishes pain entirely within three months.”  

Folic Acid – Who knew (well I didn’t) that this supplement promotes hair growth by renewing the cells that grow hair? Folic Acid is also helpful in conceiving twins.

Prenatal- Research says this supplement doesn’t really promote hair growth but the girls on YouTube says it does.

My doses are low and for now that is just fine. After three months I will evaluate everything, including my blood work, and take it from there.

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