Fashion Makeover with Jaclyn Smith

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

I was selected by Good Housekeeping TV and Kmart to have Jaclyn Smith spruce up my wardrobe by using her clothing line at Kmart.

I cannot believe Jaclyn Smith is going to give me a fashion makeover! I’ve always loved her. From her Charlie’s Angels days (oops – I’m dating myself) to her fabulous movies for television, she has remained a consistent class act.

 This event is to celebrate Jaclyn’s 25th anniversary partnering with Kmart.

I am always filling out forms on various websites and in magazines to do something I’ve always wanted to do or have never experienced. About a year or more ago, I applied to receive a beauty makeover but didn’t hear from the producers until now. When I received the email  for a fashion makeover I responded with a big “Yes” right away without thinking twice.

The show will teach me how to highlight a variety of my own outfits by adding just a few accessories instead of running to the store to purchase a completely new ensemble. I need this kind of coaching because that is exactly what I do. I need to learn how to work with what I got.

I’ll keep you all posted on the outcome.

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