What is Considered Sharing Too Much Information?

Monday, July 12th, 2010

I received several emails from my readers asking what is considered sharing too much information and what is contributing?

I have read a lot of blogs that were very personal. The bloggers wrote about all of their struggles and fearsĀ regarding a variety of issues including HIV, abortions, addictions, abandonment and so on. Then there are blogs that only focus onĀ topics such as hair, clothes, film, fashion, family or entertainment. Some of those blogs offer no or very little information about the publisher. But there are a few that provide a decent bio.

In the blogging world it is important to be honest with your readers. Therefore, share what you feel comfortable sharing. Readers do like to know about the bloggers so there is some sort of connection with the stories that are posted. The purpose of sharing personal information with the masses is to help someone else, and in the process, you will discover that you are also helping yourself.

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