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Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

I have received another set of emails from my fantastic readers who would like to start their own blog and want to know about various platforms to select and blog designs.

I decided on a platform that was based on my current life experience. When I made the decision to go natural I wanted to document everything - what I did, the products I used, the products I made and how I felt during the transition. 

In the beginning I knew nothing about starting a blog. I was lost. After making a few phone calls I found someone to walk me through the start up of it all. I selected a Word Press theme and then hired a logo designer and a web designer. My designers came recommended by other bloggers – one I would recommend - the other I would not.

I already knew how I wanted my blog to look so I was able to give my designers a clear image to work with which is important to do. From the very start (the thought), to the grand finale, it took about five months to get everything organized. I think that time length was a bit much but that’s what happened.

Now that my blog is up and running I am very pleased with it. I want to add my Twitter account but I am not sure how to do that yet.

I am very thankful for everyone following me. This journey really isn’t easy. I often wonder what my hair is going to look like when the transition is all said and done.

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