Wednesday, February 25th, 2015


I don’t know where these ten pounds came from but I bet it has something to do with being married.

Meet Tracey

Monday, February 23rd, 2015

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Tracey and I live in Harlem, NY. Though I’m unemployed right now, my career is in marketing and my last role was at the vice president level. I live with a roommate and my cat, whose hair is always getting stuck in mine!


Tell us about your hair.

My hair is 4B/C and it’s about 10 inches long, fully stretched. My natural color is dark brown but I color it light brown to cover gray and also to give my Afro more definition.

What inspired you to go natural?

When I decided to go natural, I worked with a lot of black women with natural hair and they all had different curl patterns and styles, from TWA to twists to flat ironed styles. I was surprised by all the versatility that could be achieved with natural hair. I’d also started to go more grey and knew it would be difficult to get the color hair I wanted while still using a relaxer.


Did you transition, are you currently transitioning or did you do the big chop? Why did you choose to do your selected method?

I did the big chop in 2007, on my 35th birthday. I cried in the salon, but was really excited once the stylist was done. I decided on the big chop because it was summer and I wanted a “wash and go” hairstyle that would stand up to the weather and the beach.


Was this your first attempt going from permed to natural hair? If not, how many times have you tried? What made you go back to permed hair and what made you decide to go natural again?

My big chop was the first time I went natural. Right now I’m considering a texturizer because my hair has gotten longer and is less manageable.

Have you ever done anything to your hair that you now regret? (Aside from getting a perm if that is what you regret)

I probably regret that Care Free Curl in 7th grade, but that’s about it.

What is your favorite hairstyle(s)?

I love my hair in a twist-out but I usually wear it in a pouf because that’s easiest. I also wear box braids frequently.

Which products do you like to use?

I like Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus co-wash and conditioner. Mizani also makes a good co-wash in their True Textures line that I like a lot. I also use Carol’s Daughter Monoi when I feel my hair needs some repair and not just moisture. If I twist my hair I use Miss Jessie’s Curly Butter Cream or Taliah Wahjiid Curly Curl Cream if I want more definition. For an Afro or a pouf I like Cantu Shea Butter leave-in cream because it detangles well and pops my curls. I oil my hair and scalp almost every day with Hollywood Beauty tea-tree oil or straight coconut or avocado oil from the health food store.


What is your hair care ritual? Do you do it yourself or do you go to a salon?

I’m a DIY hair girl and I’m very low maintenance. I wash once a week or every 10 days, depending on how my scalp feels, just wash, condition and detangle in the shower. If I’m wearing a pouf, I put on my product and that’s it. If I twist, I’ll do that at night if I wash in the morning. I wear a scarf or a satin cap at night and I usually don’t re-twist before bed, just take out any hair pins, etc.


Tell us about your eating habits. Do you think your diet has had some sort of impact on your hair? If so, tell us why. If not, tell us why.

I eat nearly everything, but I think that drinking almost a gallon of water a day has the biggest effect on my hair as does taking Omega 3s every day. My hair is pretty resilient, and it grows fast, which is mostly genetics I think.

Where else can we find you on the World Wide Web?

You can find me on Twitter at @TraLlo

What do you want Permed to Natural readers to take with them after reading your story?

Just that what your hair looks like is dependent on what you do to it. I wouldn’t recommend my hair regimen to someone with fragile hair because it might be damaging. But if you have basically strong and healthy hair, and you don’t want to be high maintenance, you can still have good-looking natural hair.



Sunday, February 22nd, 2015

N’est-ce pas?


Celebrating Valentine’s Day With Italy!

Monday, February 16th, 2015

The Hubs and I celebrated Valentine’s Day by attending the New Mexico Italian Film and Culture Festival. The week long event’s la festa dell’ amore included hors d’oeuvres, wine, beer, specialty chocolates, a live performance of cover songs by some of the best Italian singers such as Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Tony Bennett plus the film, an Italian romantic comedy titled, “Il Giorno In Piu.” It was a great night and the Hubs, a Sicilian, enjoyed himself to the fullest, even though he didn’t want to go, but y’all didn’t hear that from me.

And my hair! The box braids are back and I am so pleased. I need to always consider protective styles especially in the winter. Since I started my new vitamin regiment, and keep my curls mainly in protective styles, my hair started to grow back. My poor curls were in total shock when I moved from moist New York to dry New Mexico. Now things are coming together nicely.

I have to thank my 74-year-old mom for holding me down with the box braids! She is defiantly a trooper!



A couple of fun shots before my valentine celebration.


I love making a giant heart shaped chocolate chip cookie on Valentine’s Day #vegan #homemade.


Vegan hors d’oeuvre at the film festival. This is baby squash with egg plant filing. They were very tasty.



It was a great night!

Founders’ Day Celebration

Tuesday, January 13th, 2015

I celebrated 102 years with my sorority sisters at our annual Founders’ Day luncheon. The experience was wonderful and below are pictures from our celebration.





Far left is a founder of the Albuquerque Alumnae Chapter.




Made for the only vegan at the luncheon.


So not vegan but it looks cute.


Founders’ Day gift. I love it.

Christmas Fun

Thursday, December 25th, 2014

Christmas is more than fabulous. For me it is a time for family, food and fun, and let me not forget gifts! I cooked as I always do and people ate as they always do and all of it was truly a wonderful experience.

I bought a new vegan cookbook for the holidays and made two dishes that went well with my carnivore family. I like this cookbook and plan to make more vegan recipes from it soon.


This salad is called Sweet SweetBack’s Salad with Roasted Beet Vinaigrette and Candied Walnuts. So good!


Carrot-Cayenne Coleslaw. De-lish! I discovered a few new tasty ingredients with this recipe.


I am a vegan but my husband is not. I still cook meat items for him especially around the holidays. We discovered our wishes were pretty much the same.


Christmas joy!



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Christmas Eve Fun!

Thursday, December 25th, 2014

As a child the day before Christmas wasn’t spent celebrating holiday cheer. When growing up we did all of that on Christmas Day. However there are some customs that start celebrating on the eve of the festive day, and this year (and a few in the past) that is exactly what we did.

The Nutcracker Story is a Christmas tradition I can easily watch every year. I grew up going to see it with the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall. This time I went to the Kimo Theatre and had an equally great experience.




My sister-in-law was the hostess with the mostest. She put together a fun and festive Christmas Eve dinner party.


Vegan chocolate chip cookies with pecans and coconut milk nog all for me, aka, Mrs. Claus!

Merry Christmas!!!




Enjoying My Time Off

Saturday, December 20th, 2014

I didn’t go anyplace sassy, just to Costco, but I took my two strand twists out and had fun with my hair.